Running activity for saving and re-planting of special valuable trees,

Big Goal - to restore the Rudraksha trees in a areas of its initial growth, which were disappeared because of human actions.

To reach that we are:


Running the research

During the long-time observation we studied the island where we discovered first trees of Rudraksha and all the island's environment. We noted all the other forms of life, living with Rudraksha in nature. Created an island map of remaining trees and numerous groves. Established a contacts with land-owners of Rudraksha trees.

Explore trees and its neighbours

Testing various methods, such as soil, fertilisers and etc., we sprouting Rudraksha from seeds, always improving our skills. Also we sending the seeds around the world to the places where it can grow or to the people who wish to participate. We constantly looking for new forms of interaction with Rudraksha and watching changes after that interaction happens - both with a people who starts wearing Rudraksha and the environment.

Collecting harvest and creating the galleries of valuable plants

We send the Rudraksha-gifts - to special individuals "heart-to-heart", related culture-centres, temples, Places of Power, botanical gardens and research centers all around the world - to all who have a connection by professional activity or by soul. Rudraksha trees were growing in many places around the world and can rejoice the people and other inhabitants again!

Social activity

Orginizing "Volunteers Days" dedicated to planting of trees.
Running workshops and educational programs.
Rudraksha-gifts & postages to important institutions, science centres and great people. Meetings with universities, botanical gardens and governing bodies.
Администрация национального парка Крунг Синг. Передача семян на рассадку новых деревьев
Благотворительная встреча Хуахин. Презентация клуба деревьев сохранение рощ Какао деревьев
Королевская семья Таиланда. Благотворительная встреча ChomDongVilla
Walailak University
Посьмо с подарком во дворец королеве Таиланда
Волонтерские встречи по посадкам священных деревьев
Открытый мастер класс, обучение и посадка деревьев
Подарок в королевский сад
Образовательный курс для школ
Урод для детей дошкольного возраста. В игровой форме про деревья и их волшебные свойста
Подарок в сад Након Си Тхаммарат
Подарод для шоколадного дома
Открытая лекция о священных семенах Рудракша
Святой человек Руиси Ментакча. Подарок Рудракши для преданного
Известный коллекционер провинции Накхон Си
Подарок фермерам
Руиси Ментакча
Выставояный стенд в храме Шивы
Большая коллекция семян и рудракш
Администрация национального парка Крунг Синг. Передача семян на рассадку новых деревьев


We sprouting not only Rudraksha, but also many other plants, which are sacred in various cultures. We collection valuable seeds, growing it ourself and sharing sets of them with plant-lovers around the world.

"Rudraksha Rebirth" is a new available form of communion with Rudraksha

Inviting talented, competent and inspired people, we creating variety of beautiful Rudraksha-items of new look, re-inventing a new ways to be together with sacred seeds of Rudraksha.

3- and 4-side Pyramids from Rudraksha-beads contains sacred numbers, exsisted in harmony with a cycles of celestial bodies. Once created in define place, Rudraksha-Pyramids empowering the space and connect Humen with Being-Life and Cosmos. Depends on number of beads and form, Pyramid has its own properties, activating different flows of energy.
Coal, dried fruit pulp, oil and more. From the beginning of our research we learn the medicinal properties of various part of the Rudraksha trees. It was noted that Rudraksha has a strong healing features.  Having its own section of Ayurveda (ancient Vedic science of Medicine), Rudraksha can help in most of diseases.
Including dried fruits, seeds and bark of various trees, gifts of the Sea, feathers and other nature-wonders. This gift-ideas dedicated to bring together people with World again, throw the beauty of its forms and infinite creativity in perfection of Bio-solutions. Also we finding new ways to attract children in this activities. Children likes to find a parts and prepare their own gift-boxes, and this give them opportunity to learn the world deeper and to please the elders. We always welcoming art-masters and people with new ideas in this field!

"Rupa" means "Form" or "Body" in Sanskrit. Using copper wire from expired electrical appliances, creator makes Rudraksha-Rupin with natural gemstones, shells, seeds, flowers - all various colors, according to day of the week and lunar day. Sometimes Rudraksha-Rupin contains sacred symbol, for instance letters of Sanskrit such as ॐ - "Aum", क - "Ka" or ह्रीं - "Hreem". This makes it a powerful amulet and really "Alive" object for any space. Rudraksha-Rupin is a perfect, minimal and absolute representative of Shiva grace!

We invite inspired experienced art-masters and beginners from all around the world to create a wonderful jewelry pieces with Rudraksha. This are necklaces, pendants, bracelets, malas, earrings and others. Being-made, its always a desired items to wear. Terms of wearing described by Rudra Himself. Rudraksha-jewelry gives a peace, health and goodness. We making it according to Time - planet-ruler and lunar phase, adding according elements, such as gemstones & crystals, other sacred seeds, pearls etc. Created with Love to Nature, this is a real treasures of our planet!

Rudraksha seeds of unique modified form are rare, valuable and has special properties. We exploring that seeds and their trees on all 4 sides of the world, and adding them to our photo-database.
Each of that Rudraksha don't look like any other, it has its own unrepeatable pattern and character. The place where that trees growing are also has "magic" features, calling to continue our research and comprehension. Time is a matter - every season bringing out its own tendencies in characteristicы of Rudraksha seeds.
We inviting botanical gardens, Eco-organizations, green businesses to partnership and cooperation. We are open for the new proposals and ready to visit new lands of Rudraksha to run there our projects.
What we want from partnership 
In a perspective of a new Rudraksha-destinations

Exploring the new environment

Observatory of terrain, soil, plants and animals. Description and map.

Detection of valuable tree-species and collection of information-resources

Connection with leading Eco-activists, land-owners, local community leaders etc. and collecting a samples of seeds.

Creation of informational web-portal

Web-site with collected data. Open portal to sharing and spreading the knowledge.

Creation of ready-to-launch marketing forms

Setting-up products and services to support local communities with care for the Trees.

Launching of the Tree Owners Club Project

The nature-saving concept of Tree Owners Club created to highlight the remaining valuable trees and sell them with land under the Tree krone to the new Tree Owners.